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Ηλικιωμένοι παθαίνουν «Vivienne Westwood» και ο Ari Seth Cohen είναι εκεί για να τους φωτογραφίσει


Και να που το γήρας εκτός από περήφανο (βλέπε Cocoon) μπορεί να αποδειχθεί και αχαλίνωτα στιλάτο.

Ο φωτογράφος Ari Seth Cohen διατηρεί μια χρόνια σχέση γεροντολαγνείας θαυμασμού και αγάπης με την τρίτη ηλικία που αποτυπώνεται ξεκάθαρα στο φωτογραφικό project Advanced Love. Παρατηρώντας την απουσία του ώριμου target group από τις καμπάνιες μεγάλων οίκων και τα sites με street style, αποφάσισε να καλύψει το κενό, αποδεικνύοντας πως σε κάθε ηλικία μπορείς να είσαι ο,τι επιθυμείς εκφράζοντας το μέσα από δημιουργικές, απρόβλεπτες, ακραίες, εκλεπτυσμένες, πολύχρωμες και ξεχωριστές ενδυματολογικές επιλογές.
To project τρέχει στο πλαίσιο μιας ευρύτερης παρατήρησης και καταγραφής των μοδάτων συνηθειών της τρίτης ηλικίας με το όνομα Advanced Style και εκδόθηκε το 2018 συμπληρώνοντας τη βιβλιογραφική τριπλέτα των Advanced Style: The Coloring Book (2013) και Advanced Style: Older and Wiser (2016). Αν στο μεταξύ οι εικόνες σου προκαλούν déjà vu.. είναι γιατί δανείζονται τη ζωντάνια του HUMANS OF NEW YORK  ζουμάροντας όμως αποκλειστικά σε high fashion ηλικιωμένα ζευγάρια. Στη συντροφικότητα τους, τον άφθαρτο έρωτα και τη φλόγα που ο χρόνος δεν είναι ικανός να σβήσει.

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“Bittersweet. This time of life is bittersweet. It's the time when you remember. The summer when we rented a beach house on Long Island Sound and swam every day, the neighbors said we looked like we were in a movie. The day we walked holding hands to shop in a department store and someone remarked that we looked so happy. The trips to France, the excitement, the adventure of it all. The art we made, the lives that he, as a teacher, changed. Now it's different. One of us is 85, uses a walker, needs lots of help, and can't remember things. What are you going to do? Make the best of it, confront the daily challenges, renew your spirit. Keep a-goin.” Excerpt from #AdvancedLove coming out February 2019 with @abramsbooks . . . . . . . . . . #advancedstyle #advancedlove #colorful #nyc #spring #love #streetstyle

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Happy Monday. I wanted to share another wonderful couple and story from my latest book Advanced Love out now. (Link in bio) S: I met John when he was a first-year law student and he needed a reader because he’s blind. We both ended up living in the same building. I was dating a friend of his at the time and after his friend and I broke up I started to read to John. He had the most beautiful back of any man I had ever seen in my life and his arms were just magnificent. I used to peek at him through the crack in the door because John is an exercise nut and he’s made one out of me. He is a very nice human being, just a nice man. You don’t run across those too often anymore, then or now. We started dating and one thing led to another and we have been married for about forty-five years. You know it’s up and down like everybody else, but he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. What can I say, he’s the love of my life. J: I love her style. She is very much her own woman. Even though I’m not into clothes, I like it when folks comment on how I’m dressed because of her. Folks come into my house and say it looks like a museum. It’s eclectic, it’s unique, and it’s her. She’s made me more conscious of who I am and what I deal with. Sometimes I beat up on myself thinking I should do better and that I should have done better than I have, but she tells me she has observed that some folks who can see aren’t doing as well as I am. I recognize that I am blessed, but sometimes I need someone to tell me, you know, you are doing okay—and she does. – John and @detroitstylesylvia #advancedlove #advancedstyle #arisethcohen #detroitstyle

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