dancing in the deepest oceans

Global Sounds feat Thro Def

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ThroDEf (Theodore K. Forozis) is a Greek Dj, musician, producer.
He is an active dj since ’90s and has appeared at many clubs and bars in Greek islands and Athens. He lives in Athens and is resident at Briki bar and guest at many others bars.  He has theoritics and higher theoritics (Harmony, Counterpoint, Fugue) degrees from National Conservatory and received a diploma on contemporary orchestral composition from Athens Music Company conservatory.
He has released more than 15 original and remix tracks with several labels including Moonster music, M-Sol, Cafe de Anatolia and Feelgood. He has also released music, under the names  (Ted) Frozack (FompUK, 9th floor records, Dbeatzion Records and more) and TheodoreF (Minos/EMI).  

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